First sight visited

Tonight, I got up at 3am to visit Mount Eden. This is highest point in Auckland and its surrounding region.

After a 60 minute walk I made it to the peak of the mountain. The view was fantastic and drove me to tears. It is hard to describe the look and even the pictures do not show the full beauty. (Looking back from 2014 to this moment reminds me on how much I was actually crying, It was really beautiful)

Feeling like home

Nothing much has happened during the past days. We have met a few new people, which seems to be very easy in New Zealand and last night I have been in bar together with Acbar from Dubai and a German exchange student for 2 or 3 hours. Everything was pretty relaxed.

After having decided to get up earlier than usually, I got unexpected company during my breakfast in the city. The guy from Bank of New Zealand I opened the bank account with recognized and joined me for a coffee. Absolutely cool. (Even today in 2014 I still have the business card of Jason Parkin in my wallet)

It is a few minutes past 11 now and I am planning to visit a job agency to see what’s going on there.

In case I should overcome my infinite laziness, I will give a short introduction about the people we have met so far. (Retro perspectively, of course I never overcame my lazyness)

Our own 4 weels

This morning we bought a car. A Honda Accord SI, 5 doors, automatic transmission, air condition and lots of nice pretty extras.

As we bought it from three Austrian guys that need to leave tomorrow, we got it for $750.

Pictures of the car are following.

Further progress

After our arrival in New Zealand we have made further progress and are now users of the New Zealand cellular network. We also acquired a tax number and opened a bank account with the Bank of New Zealand. Fun fact: They play music television in New Zealand banks instead of these boring news channels.

First photos

I am sitting in a super market that provides internet access and are updating my website. Katja stayed in the hostel and is reading a book causing her to get quite sentimental.

Nothing much new has happened. Yesterday, we have been invited to BBQ, which was more than just tasty.

I uploaded some photos, which give you guys first visual impressions of Auckland. In the upcoming week, we want to start looking for work, apply for tax number and open a bank. That means, if Katja gets up early enough :)

Finally there

After a journey of more than 38 hours, we finally arrived in Auckland. At the moment we are staying in Conor’s Topfloor Hostel, where we will spend our first weeks.

The temperature is anything but high. At 10 degrees Celsius a jacket becomes compulsory.

First people have been met. On the way from the airport into the city we met an Australian, who makes holiday in New Zealand. 20 years ago she studied in Germany. In the hostel we came across a monk – some sort of very liberal one – Milton from New Zealand. Everybody is very open minded and helpful.