Feeling like home

Nothing much has happened during the past days. We have met a few new people, which seems to be very easy in New Zealand and last night I have been in bar together with Acbar from Dubai and a German exchange student for 2 or 3 hours. Everything was pretty relaxed.

After having decided to get up earlier than usually, I got unexpected company during my breakfast in the city. The guy from Bank of New Zealand I opened the bank account with recognized and joined me for a coffee. Absolutely cool. (Even today in 2014 I still have the business card of Jason Parkin in my wallet)

It is a few minutes past 11 now and I am planning to visit a job agency to see what’s going on there.

In case I should overcome my infinite laziness, I will give a short introduction about the people we have met so far. (Retro perspectively, of course I never overcame my lazyness)

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